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I'm a down to earth, urban hippy with one foot on a DnB dancefloor and one foot walking barefoot in Latin America. I facilitate yoga, meditation, breath work and wellbeing workshops to support healthy individuals and healthy communities. My mission is to co-create environments and situations of empowerment and wellbeing, with a goal for one and all to thrive rather than simply survive.


Alongside this I facilitate groups and work 1:1 supporting people through substance and alcohol misuse, using techniques including mindfulness, CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, positive psychology and motivational interviewing. Taking a person centred approach we explore values, goals, patterns of behaviour, triggers and self awareness to offer psychosocial interventions as clients seek to find focus and connection to self and address unhealthy self medication.

I trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa in 2020 following more than 20 years as a student exploring Iyengar, Bikram and Vinyasa Flow. Classes range from dynamic to restorative - I like to tailor sequences and sessions to the energy, needs and experience of my students and aim to energise the body, lift the soul, warm the heart and calm the mind. I like to bring a sense of humour and some good music to my classes and encourage students to leave judgement and the busy-ness of day to day life at the door and share some nurturing and grounding yoga.


I include meditation and breath work in yoga classes and also offer them as stand alone sessions. Steeped in history and also celebrated in the mindfulness and current positive psychology revolution, these are modalities that can be studied for a lifetime and also explored in accessible bite sized ways that suit our modern lives. 


Meditation can be used to set intentions, let go of stress, set the white noise of daily life to a positive vibration or to connect with our infinite internal life force energy. Nurturing an awareness of our inner world, our current mood and inviting a sense of curiosity and acceptance, meditation is hugely valuable in supporting emotional stability, good communication and a healthy perspective on our lives.

Connecting with the breath is such a powerful way to hit pause and become present in the moment. We often take breathing for granted, so exploring breathing techniques can be life changing as we learn tools that bring focus, calm and space to us wherever and whenever we are. Breath Work supports physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. We work on a somatic level, releasing tension, and shifting blocked energy, bringing us into a state of flow and connection to self. 


I’ve enjoyed significant benefits from breath work in areas of emotional and mental health, self awareness, capacity to bring healthy boundaries into my personal and professional life, and my general presence in the moment. Having been a breath work participant in workshops, retreats and yoga classes over the years, and explored the breath through yogic pranayama, I’m delighted to be adding the self-healing modality of breath work to my offering, and to be sharing it with others to support Individual and collective wellbeing, growth and self-awareness.

Click here for more information about 1:1 and group breath work sessions.


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I love offering workplace wellbeing and make no secret that I see this as a trojan horse approach to nurturing and supporting a society where employers and the corporate sector truly value and prioritise the humans who make up the work force. Our wellbeing should be front and centre rather than an after thought. Healthy humans are happier, more motivated, more energised and more present in all aspects of life bringing benefits to family, work and play. I bring mental health first aid, mindfulness, positive psychology, CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and motivational interviewing to this work alongside references to Non Violent Communication, Internal Family Systems and Ash Buchannan’s The Benefit Mindset. Tailoring sessions to the needs of individual organisations I invite people to bring the same focus and energy they apply to work success, sporting achievements and supporting family/friends to their own self care. We can’t give from an empty cup and through discussion, mindfulness, group activities and self reflection these session provide insights and practical tools that support health connection between work colleagues, community and most importantly to self.

My current yoga classes are listed below and if you’d like to work one on one or are interested in booking a wellbeing workshop CLICK HERE to get in touch and we can arrange a call.


Stay blessed folks x



Rise and Shine Yoga*
@Mycelium Space

Rise and Shine Yoga*
@Mycelium Space

Rise and Shine Yoga*
@Mycelium Space

Events & Workshops

Charlton Park, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 9LL
July 25th-28th
Dynamic Yoga and Movement
Beyond the Mask: Nuturing Authentic ConnectionBreathwork for Compassion & Self Love

Somerset (location supplied w/ ticket purchase)
August 1st-4th
Dynamic Ashtanga Vinyasa
Beyond the Mask: Nuturing Authentic Connection
Meditation and Breath Work Workshop 

Clients Include
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