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FYDFMH Homelessness Awareness Week Poste




Between October 7th and October 13th 2020 all funds raised through FYDFMH will be in support of Centrepoint and their work to bring and end to youth homelessness.

Centrepoint was founded in a church basement in Soho, London in 1969. With help from people like you they now help 14,000 homeless young people every year. 


Violence, abuse, family breakdown and problems with mental health: young people often become homeless because it’s safer to leave home than to stay.


Funds we raise are in support of Centrepoints in-house counselling and wellbeing services who work with young people on a range of issues including psychotherapy, substance use, mental health advice, nutrition and healthy relationship support.

To find out more about Centrepoint follow the link below.    

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