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Health Matters

One in four people in the world will be affected by mental health

issues at some point in their lives.

This needs to change.


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Flip Your Dog For Mental Health (FYD4MH) is a charitable initiative raising funds and delivering support for mental health and wellbeing services for people in need. 

  • We are a community that promotes a positive and open hearted approach to mental health and wellbeing. We celebrate yoga, meditation and mindfulness as key ingredients for a healthy society.  

  • We initiate open to public and workplace wellbeing classes to raise funds for mental health service providers, generating work for our facilitators in the process. 

  • We work with community organisations, service users and wellbeing facilitators to develop outreach projects.   




The last 12 months have been challenging, and in hard times it's the poor and vulnerable who suffer most.

Mental health has no prejudice, it doesn't acknowledge post codes or borders. The charities we support work with individuals who have unique trauma and on-going challenges, but common themes include stress, anxiety and depression; they are all familiar with mental health issues.

In order for us to thrive as a global family we need to ensure we take care of everyone in our community, and now more than ever we need to take the mental health of people in need seriously; it's at the very core of wellbeing.

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We believe that every human has the right to a healthy mind. As this is our birthright we want to challenge taboos in mainstream society, raise awareness and make mental health services available to all. 


We are passionate about the grounding value of yoga, meditation and mindfulness as we navigate these unprecedented times of change and disruption. 


Through public access classes, work place wellbeing workshops and outreach work we aim to support all levels of society and ensure positive mental health is front and centre as we co-create our future. 




Proceeds from our yoga and wellbeing classes are  distributed between the charities we support and also support our outreach work. ​​

  • Teachers & Studios: sign up and run classes in support of life changing mental health work.

  • Students: make one or more Flip Your Dog For Mental Health classes part of your weekly routine and let your wellbeing practice today make a brighter tomorrow.

  • Businesses and organisations: get in touch to discuss work place yoga for the wellbeing of you staff and/or clients, knowing class proceed go to support mental health outreach work in local communities. 


...changing the world has never so easy!

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Everyday actions can support positive change!


The time for silence in the face of oppressive systems and inequality is over. Globally we are stepping up and standing for what we believe in; we're looking for ways to make the world a better place not only for ourselves but for our communities and for future generations.

  • Ethical banking, renewable energy and sustainable food supply chains are examples of how we can support systems of positive change, but why stop there?

  • Join the Flip Your Dog For Mental Health movement and help the yoga and wellbeing community support a brighter tomorrow.

flip your dog and make a life changing difference to families and individuals throughout the country struggling with mental health, just by doing YOGA & MEDITATION

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Get in touch;

Phone: 00447949 742 055

Flip Your Dog For Mental Health are a registered Community Interest Company

We are committed to supporting The Living Wage Foundation @livingwagefoundation 

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