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the moon and the stars

april 04 2021

Welcome to April! Aries season is in full swing, the birds are chirping and swooping from tree to tree, and the sap is rising in the plants. We can take a sigh of relief. It's the beginning of the astrological year and with it, it brings new opportunities, possibilities, and beginnings of all kinds. Aries is the energy of fire - fire that wants to move forward and create positive change - lead from the front. Everyone should be feeling this energy in some way, even if they are craving change & drive rather than experiencing it. See where you can harness that thirst for opportunity in your life!


Today, April 3rd, the moon is in the sign of Sagittarius - also a fire sign (the moon moves through the zodiac signs about every 2 days, whereas the sun takes about a month). The energy of the moment will have an added layer of joyfulness and adventure with an inquisitive nature. The free spirit within you may want to be heard on an emotional level. If you have domestic/ or practical responsibilities today you might be trying to shirk them off! If this is the case, do one task at a time, rather than looking at everything with despair and longing for adventure - I think many of us have a longing for adventure after the last 12 months!


It’s also interesting to see what phase the moon is in each day - our moon has such a strong influence on us, and understanding what each phase can offer us, in conjunction with astrology can be really beneficial. The moon’s phase today is ‘waning moon’ - which means we are also being encouraged to slow down and start seeing where we can clear up our spaces. This could look like a spring clean, making a pile for the charity shop or scrubbing the bathroom tiles. Aries and Saggitarius energy want to jump straight in with more exciting elements of life - rather than cleaning (unless you’re the type of person that loves a clear out!) but with this moon phase, practicality is coming through a little for balance in our lives today. Plus, slowing down and focusing on the space around you will help with any overwhelm that can arise with expansion.


This weekend, with the bank holidays, it can be a time for enjoyment. However, you spend it, take a moment, (or the next few days) for yourself. Celebrate all you’ve accomplished over the last year - if you’ve come through challenges and hardships, notice that you got through it - that is an achievement in itself. We often forget the wins and just see the struggles, but appreciating the wins can make life a little sweeter.



Tasha Ponton is a transformational sound healer, tarot reader, and meditation facilitator.


She has a passion for wellness and helping alleviate clients from stress, anxiety, depression, fear, and pain, often from unresolved trauma.

We're delighted Tasha will be a regular contributor to our newsletter and will also be offering regular sound healing and tarot reading sessions with us. 

Check our schedule for more details and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about forthcoming workshops and to receive our schedule of classes.   

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THE MOON & THE STARS - Tasha Ponton

There have been some huge energetic shifts in recent months and as 2021 hurtles into it’s 2nd quarter Astrologist, Taro readers and sound therapist Tasha shares her reading and intuition around what this coming phase brings forth.




Please see below for offerings and suggestions for experiences and indulgences that have lifted our souls and make life feel just a little bit richer. Please send in any recommendations x



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