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Finding Balance: We talk yoga, meditation and altruism with Jo & Liz from Equa Coaching

Happy Sunday folks, and happy November! It's seems almost impossible that we're coming to the end of 2020, one of the most challenging years the developed world has lived through this generation, and a year that has given us so much food for thought and reflection.

Amidst the disruption and changes to family, work and social dynamics there has been a huge appetite for exploring new ways of living, new structures, systems and economies. I genuinely feel there will be some huge positives to come from what we are living through as we learn how connected we are as a global family, and how caring for our community is a rewarding and fundamental part of taking care of ourselves.

During the height of lockdown Mother Earth gave us a glimpse of the beauty that our negligent environmental policies have seen hidden by pollution, and as our consumption slowed down we were reminded that we don't need half as much as we think we need...

But these revelations come hand in hand with devastating loss, stress, uncertainty and a huge increase in mental health related conditions. Taking care of our wellbeing and finding ways to feel supported as we figure out how this all works is of the upmost importance, and I was delighted to join Jo and Liz from Equa Coaching on their podcast 'Find Your Balance' to discuss yoga, mental health and altruism in the times of Covid.

I've known Jo and Liz for over 20 years and we have been rocks in each others lives. Witnessing their journey from hard working and highly respected industry professionals in television production, through exploring, studying and now offering professional life coaching support using hypnotherapy, NLP and mindfulness has been inspiring...and they're still trailblazing in the world of TV production too! To find out more about their work go to and to listen to our podcast and hear more from their Find Your Balance series go to


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