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We raise awareness and funds for mental health and wellbeing services. We deliver outreach community projects. We challenge taboos and support life changing work.


Fun at Yoga




FYD4MH create community and challenge taboos around mental health. We raise funds through public access and work place yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes, events and campaigns.

Proceeds are used to fund outreach work dedicated to supporting positive mental health for vulnerable people.

Since May 2020 we have raised over five thousand pounds for the 5 charities we support.

As of January 2021 we are developing community wellbeing projects that we will co create with service providers, their clients and trauma informed facilitators to then deliver to vulnerable communities. 

Having recently set up as a Community Interest Company our primary focus is on delivering accessible supportive wellbeing classes to vulnerable people, and we would like very much to set up a bursary scheme supporting members of the community through wellbeing training.  

Our activities support and promote healthy minds and wellbeing at every step of the journey; from initial concept and how we raise funds through to our outreach work and it’s final outcomes.


While we aren’t the only organisation with this philosophy it's fair to say the world could certainly do with more, which is why our business model is designed to be set up and adapted internationally, support mental health locally and create positive community universally.




​At the core of this community is a belief that mental health matters and that Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness are powerful tools to help better process the challenges of the modern world. You are joining a collective of compassionate and community minded beings generating a wonderful loop of positive energy, intention and out come.


Ethical banking, renewable energy and sustainable food supply chains are examples of how we can support systems of positive change, but why stop there? Join the Flip Your Dog For Mental Health movement and let the yoga and meditation you do today support a brighter tomorrow.

We feel spiritual, emotional and psychological stability is essential if the complex work the charities we support facilitate is to have any lasting effect. A society is only healthy when everyones health is considered, and in order to thrive rather than simply survive we need to take mental health seriously.

Let's dare to care. Let's be the change!

We are always interested in collaborating and welcome new teachers and studios with open hearts to join in this work - get in touch!

Praying Together

flip your dog and make a life changing difference to families and individuals throughout the country struggling with mental health, just by doing YOGA & MEDITATION

donate to FYD4MH and support:

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Get in touch:

Phone: 00447949 742 055

Flip Your Dog For Mental Health are a register Community Interest Company

Flip Your Dog For Mental Health are committed to supporting The Living Wage Foundation @livingwagefoundation