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Meditation Class
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Over 50% of employee’s are struggling with fatigue and burn out. Bring positive change and a healthy workplace culture to your organisation with a corporate wellbeing offering that nurtures your teams connection to a balanced mind, body and soul. 





Collective wellbeing is a centre of every successful  business model. Employees who show up with a healthy mindset and feeling good in their body bring a quality to their work that impacts the economic and social landscape.


 Future proof the time effort and money spent building your organisation and prioritise the beating heart of your success; your team.

As our global community moves through challenging times companies are set to face increased pressure.


These times of uncertainty are all the harder without regular human interaction and as the home becomes the new workplace it’s essential we consider the emotional, mental and physical health of our work community.


Offering accessible and considered wellbeing resources and scheduling time for self care is an essential part a positive team.




Corporate classes

  • Bespoke weekly online live-stream wellbeing classes (an accessible blend of yoga, mindfulness breath work and/or relaxation)

  • 4 week online live-stream courses offering a further exploration of wellbeing (bespoke mindfulness, self care, breath work & relaxation) 

  • Online one-to-ones (private tuition for individuals in your team)

  • Mindfulness lectures and creative workshops (eg. titles: mindfulness for stress, build sustainable resilience, adapt to change, mindful parenting…)


Corporate membership

  • Flip Your Dog For Mental Health membership for your company. Please get in touch to discuss setting up your team with memberships.

Health teams and positive change

  • Prioritising your teams long term wellbeing is integral to your companies growth and success. 

  • By working with Flip Your Dog For Mental Health you are supporting mental health and community wellbeing projects at the same time.

  • Let your teams self care today support a brighter tomorrow. 

Meditating in Mountains

Taking the mental health and wellbeing of people on low to no income and marginalised communities seriously.

FYDFMH proudly support:

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Please send any feedback or comments to:

Phone: 00447949 742 055


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