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What is the Collective?

The Wellbeing Collective is an initiative supporting community wellbeing through Yoga, meditation and breathwork classes designed to nurture positive physical and mental health. These classes are 100% free and made possible through the generosity of local businesses who are passionate about giving back to the communities that support them. The Collective is co-ordinated by Hackney based not-for-profit 'Flip Your Dog For Mental Health', a yoga and mental health CIC.

Why Wellbeing?

Life is busy and we could all do with taking time to consider our physical and mental health. Yoga, meditation and breath work are recognised as powerful and effective ways to reduce stress and improve focus, build strength, balance and flexibility. When we are able to give time and energy to our wellbeing we are better able to be present, aware and engaged in all aspects of life. In a world full of distraction self care and mindfulness are wonderful ways of enhancing the quality of our social connection, emotional capacity, work focus, inner calm and physical health.

About the classes

Classes are hosted by friendly, down to earth teachers in local venues. Yoga mats and equipment are provided so all you need to take part is some comfortable clothes and an interest in self care. If you would like to take part or read more about our collective, follow the links below.  


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